Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE And NEET

Organic chemistry is second most important part of chemistry after physical chemistry where we study about carbon and its covalently bonded compounds.

 Organic chemistry is the study of majority of the compounds we see around us and for the study of these compounds in brief you must have command on General Organic Chemistry which includes Nomenclature, Isomerism and Reaction mechanism and the remaining portion of organic chemistry is just its application part.

More importantly there are many standard named reactions in every chapter of Organic chemistry and you should know all these named reactions along with their mechanisms. Once you get command on name reactions, you could easily solve any similar type of problem asked in the competitive as well as Board Examination.

When you see the 10 to 12 years previous papers for JEE Main and Advance as well as NEET,  30-35% questions are frequently asked from Organic chemistry and hence organic chemistry is also very important for your competitive examination.

It is always advisable to all the students start your preparation of Organic chemistry with General Organic Chemistry while preparing for JEE Main and Advance or NEET as well as Board .

Organic Chemistry syllabus exactly according to the sequence provided in NCERT books

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XI Organic Chapter

XII Organic Chapter

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