Inorganic Chemistry For JEE And NEET

Inorganic chemistry is third part of chemistry in which we study about properties and behavior of all Elements and inorganic compounds, which include metals, minerals, and organometallic compounds.

For Study of these compounds in brief you must have command on Periodic Table and know about the periodic trends in p-Block, d-Block and f-Block element.

More importantly the questions asked in JEE Main and Advance or NEET exams are mostly from the NCERT Chemistry textbook, thus students must go through it microscopically and practice the intext and exercise questions of every chapters.

When you see the 10 to 12 years previous papers for JEE Main and Advance as well as NEET,  20-25% questions are frequently asked from Inorganic chemistry.

It is always advisable to all the students start your preparation of Inorganic chemistry with Atomic Structure , Chemical Bonding and Periodic Table while preparing for JEE Main and Advance or NEET as well as Board .

Inorganic Chemistry syllabus exactly according to the sequence provided in NCERT books

XI Inorganic Chapters

  1. Chemical Bonding
  2. Periodic table
  3. Hydrogen
  4. s-Block element
  5. p-Block element (13 & 14 Gr. Element)

XII Inorganic Chapters

  1. Metallurgy
  2. p-Block element (15 to 18 Gr. Element)
  3. d & f – Block element
  4. Coordination compound

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XI Physical Chapter

XII Physical Chapter

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