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What should I choose, individual coaching or institute for IIT JEE/NEET/Board preparations?

The one factor that matters the most in your preparation for competitive exams like IIT JEE/ NEET or for the board’s as well, is the kind of teachers you choose to study from. A good teacher can inspire the students, motivate and encourage them to achieve success and generate interest in the subject. But in institutions, you won’t be getting the opportunity to choose the right teachers, and random teachers would be allotted to you.

In individual coaching you have the liberty to choose a well experienced and dedicated mentor for yourself who would guide you through your journey to success.

Many people think that institutions are better because they provide study materials, conduct test series and follow a routine, but as I have observed, most of the teachers with individual coaching do provide this package and in many cases the material of individual teachers is superior to the material of institutions. Individual coaching too provides study materials, DPPs (daily practice problems), conducts regular tests and test series as well. The students are able to find a balance between different classes over a very small period of time.

Moreover, in institutions, the classes are allotted on the basis of scores of students which can be demotivating and frustrating for many students who could not do so well in one or two tests. This also limits the interaction of students among themselves. In individual coaching, I have never observed these kinds of practice.

In individual coaching, you and your teacher will develop a deep bond that will exist for the rest of your lives. The kind of personal attention and mentoring you will receive in individual coaching is way better than what you will get at institutes.

In case you are planning for a target batch, then you must go for individual coaching as in institutions, their main focus is on their 2-year classroom programs. When the exams will be around the corner, you would feel more confident and comfortable if you opted for individual coaching because their pace of teaching is very apt, but in institutions, due to teachers changing, classmates switching and other factors, you will find yourself under immense pressure as they would schedule many parallel classes to complete the course.

Therefore, in conclusion, I strongly believe that you must go  for individual coaching for better understanding of concepts.