About Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes

Chemistry  plays a central and important role in all competitive examination as well as in day to day life.

For last so many years, I have constantly been in touch with students, guiding them in Chemistry and looking into their difficulties for them to succeed in their board as well as competitive examinations JEE(Mains & Advance) | NEET.

I have felt a need for a good coaching centre to fulfil the requirements of students. Students need a highly experienced and qualified faculty in chemistry, who can guide them well, clear their doubts, provide them the effective & tricky notes, and make them do much needed practice. More importantly they should also be provided Classroom Monitoring, Periodical & Surprise Tests to guide them in the proper direction. I realize that, it is very important to diagnose the basic weaknesses and problems of students not succeeding in JEE(Mains & Advance) | NEET and Board exams. In fact, as question patterns are changing, now they need to have a different approach for these Examinations.

No1 Chemistry tutor patna

Ranjan Singh
M.Sc.(Biochemistry), P.U.
(Ex-Faculty : Narayana IIT Academy & Goal Institute)

At RANJAN SINGH CHEMISTRY CLASSES, we have our own way to prepare students for Competitive Examinations as well as Board Examination at a time so they can crack the entrance exam like JEE(Mains & Advance) and NEET as well as 12th Board simultaneously. We act as a medium to provide the simplest, easiest and a comfortable way to make students achieve their target. At RANJAN SINGH CHEMISTRY CLASSES(RSCC), we guide our students with the best motivational classes so weak students are also able to believe that, They can do it.

When you join RANJAN SINGH CHEMISTRY CLASSES you become a part of the powerful force which propels you towards your goal and if you get a position among the rankers with my excellent guidance, I will think that our efforts have borne fruits.