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How to handle competitive exam pressure and stress?

 While preparing for various competitive exams like jee Main and Advance | NEET even for boards, students go through exam pressure and stress. Having a little pressure around exam period can be beneficial as it motivates students to learn effectively without wasting their precious time of preparation. But the situation changes completely when the pressure and stress level get out of hand, particularly when the exams are about to be conducted.

There are some substantive tips for students preparing for NEET/IIT/ BOARDS on how to handle exam pressure and stress in order to achieve their goals…

  • You must believe in yourself. You have been preparing for this examination and time has come to face it. You don’t need to panic, be patient and have positive gratitude about your preparation.
  • Students should spend their quality time in productive group discussion,  cross Questioning and clearing doubt with the help of teachers and peers; this will improve their performance in exams.
  • Stay in touch with your respective mentor throughout your preparation because constant interaction with the teacher will increase your concentration level and develop your confidence in the respective subject.
  • Limit your source of resources, revision is the key to success. Arrange your notes systematically, try to make synopses of each chapter of every subject and revise your notes regularly.
  • During exams students become stressed which affects their health. Stay healthy. Eat fresh fruits and healthy food. Go for a walk. Because a healthy mind stay in a healthy body.
  • Never forget to take small breaks every after 2 hrs of continuous study for more productive results.
  • More importantly, set reachable goals for yourself. Don’t pressurize your mind beyond a limit.
  • Don’t compare your learning with your peers, have a healthy competitive attitude which will be fruitful in your success.
  • You can also get benefit from yoga, meditation, and motivational classes.

In Conclusion, at last avoid distraction. Stay positive, don’t be result oriented  and have patience.