About Ranjan Sir

Success Story Of Ranjan Sir

Ranjan Singh (Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna) started his career as associate professor  at Narayana IIT Academy Delhi. He also worked on the position of H.O.D. chemistry  at Goal Institute Patna.

Now a day he is a renowned chemistry teacher in Boring Road, Patna, who is known for his impactful teaching methods to ensure effective improvement in students’ knowledge and preparation in order to crack  JEE Main and Advance | NEET and score good marks in boards.

He graduated from Patna Science College and  has  master degree in Biochemistry  from Patna University. He started his individual coaching class by the name Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC), at Vivekanand Marg, opposite A. N college, Boring Road, Patna-13 in 2011.

Leveraging 14+ years teaching experience, he engages students with creative lessons, strong classroom presence, motivational lecture, good command on subject and enthusiasm to support their learning. He is skilled in listening and observing and often picks up on what isn’t being said by understanding the body language of the students as if they are interested or not. This helps him in diagnosing the problem and helps students for better understanding which builds students’ skill and confidence in the subject.

Chemistry teacher in patna
Best chemistry teacher patna

Work Experience

Ranjan sir works in a constantly evolving environment and adjusts his teaching methods to suit students beginning with various levels of preparation, available resources and changing Scenario. When it comes to effective teaching, strong communication is a key in which Ranjan sir predominates. He makes students able to approach the subject in a more enjoyable way that better supports their learning.

It is a stark reality that in most of the coachings and institutions classes become stodgy which cramp student’s learning.But when it comes to Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes, Ranjan sir treats each student as an individual by giving personal mentoring, being empathic and understanding their concern and doubts.

Keys skills that makes Ranjan sir a step ahead of any other chemistry teacher is his dedication to continued education and learning more about his subject area, involving new methods of teaching, communication or even exploring how to bring more technology into the classroom for effective and conducive learning.

His passion for learning and expanding his knowledge for efficacious teaching makes him the best chemistry teacher for JEE Main and Advance | NEET | XI | XII  in Patna.